Stop in for Lunch at La Casa Ouzeria and enjoy delicious cuisine of Greece and Italy. Whether you’re coming in to catch up with old friends or you want an authentic place to take your business clients La Casa Ouzeria has the finest atmosphere and ambience.

Are you looking for a new place to host a mid-day business meeting? Why not host your next Penticton business meeting in our Private banquet room? Or if you’re in a rush, don’t sacrifice a good meal for time. Simply fax La Casa your lunch order and we’ll have it ready when you arrive!

La Casa Ouzeria is the Penticton Restaurant to visit if you’re looking for a unique personalized dinner experience. Our intimate Penticton restaurant has room for parties large and small and captures the essence of Greece with our distinctive decor.

While La Casa Ouzeria’s decor might intrigue you from the start it’s our authentic Greek and Itlalian Cuisine that will motivate you to come back for more. You and your guests will be tantalized by our extensive menu selecions and wine list.

Succulent, savoury and satisfied. Those are three words that accurately describe our selection of dinner entrees. We have juicy chicken, tender beef and succulent seafood to satisfy your tastebuds. All of our entrees have the authentic Greek and Italian spin that makes La Casa Ouzeria famous.

Browse through our dinner entree menu and make a reservation for your group in our Penticton dining room tonight!